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Know about Breast Cancer

Eyes only see what the mind is prepared to comprehend, so let us all know a few facts about breast cancer! Know about Symptoms of breast cancer, know what to look for, and report to your doctor on time. Early diagnosis is key to survival in breast cancer.

Advance Breast Cancer

Know everything about breast Cancer treatment in advanced stages.

Know Your Doctor
Pravasi Welfare Foundation Programme

It was a privilege to be part of a program held by the Pravasi Welfare Foundation at Gandhi Ashram. The program was also attended by the Municipal Commissioner of North Delhi. In this program, the felicitation of foundation members was done for their noble work for Bihar flood relief.

Don't stop your Cancer treatment for Covid

In this video, know how you can continue your cancer treatment in these uncertain times of covid pandemic. Know how your treatment protocol would be decided. Cancer doesn't stop due to pandemic hence treatment should also not to stop.

Myths & Facts of Breast Cancer

In Facebook live, guests had various questions about breast cancer, several myths were busted about breast cancer. It was a great interactive session in which guests got all the answers to their questions.

Message for Smriti

This is a special message for Smriti which is an NGO that cares for social upliftment especially for women. Smriti believes in saving the girl child and educating the girl child

Breast Awareness

This women's day let's talk about breast awareness ! Early detection saves lives in breast cancer.


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